blogMy personal blog. See for more. Chun Li13 days
personal-siteMy personal website. See <> Chun Li6 weeks
resumeMy resumes. Just in case my laptop blows up. Chun Li6 weeks
RaytracerSimple Raytracer written in Rust. Chun Li7 weeks
lifeConway's Game of Life in Javascript Chun Li8 weeks
etcConfig files for my server. Chun Li2 months
algorithms2Work on Stanford's Algorithms 2 course. See Li2 months
dotfiles~/. Personal config files Chun Li2 months
SICPCode and notes while reading Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. Chun Li2 months
Advent of Code 2018Advent of Code 2018 answers Chun Li2 months
zip_treesZip tree implementation and testing. Chun Li3 months
daily_coding_problemDaily coding problems for interview practice, and just general interest. Chun Li4 months
gameoflife-bashGame of Life in bash! Chun Li5 months
recurseRecurse center application Chun Li6 months
PresentationsPresentations Chun Li6 months
Daily Coding ProblemsDaily coding problem answers Chun Li6 months
Advent of Code 2017Advent of code answers for 2017 Chun Li10 months
Lobste.rsPersonal fork. This is also used as a test repo. Chun Li12 months