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iss02Issue 2 was super hard. 100 story points.Chun Li22 months
iss01Who needs a license? Not us!Chun Li22 months
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2018-02-12Frontend commitHEADmasterChun Li
2018-02-12Issue 2 was super hard. 100 story points.Chun Li
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2018-02-12This is a different change to the READMEChun Li
2018-02-12Who needs a license? Not us!iss01Chun Li
2018-02-12Fixing readme for no reasonChun Li
2018-02-01ban link shorteners and other ad tracking domainsPeter Bhat Harkins
2018-02-01style delete buttonPeter Bhat Harkins
2018-02-01respect comment deletion/moderationPeter Bhat Harkins
2018-02-01fix sql join of user's votesPeter Bhat Harkins